About Me

Since I’m not a journalist, this is just my attempt to post news events that I find or has an impact on me. You’ll find I have quite a few things that I’m interested in:

  • Autism – Board member with Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin
  • Healthcare – background in Certified Nurse Assistant, and continuing education related to Holistic methods and Complimentary Medicine
  • Current Politics and issues
  • Advocating for a better world

Now that this site is up, I will be moving other posts to here as time allows.

I have other sites that you might be interested in; feel free to visit them and comment if you like. Here are the other WordPress sites:

As far as content for this site, I’m always open to your suggestions and will give credit to you should your idea be posted. My personal favorites that you will see include:

  • National Parks System
  • Social Security
  • Hazards of GMO
  • Environment, including climate change, oil, solar, geothermal, wind, and similar
  • Tiny Homes, including minimalist lifestyle
  • Local and National Political issues
  • And probably many more topics I cannot think of right now!

Thanks for following, liking, and reading this News Site published by WordPress! I hope you enjoy!


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