This is what the Koch Brothers Believe!

Watch this video, and tell me "Are you part of the 1%"?
​Georgia says "if you make more than $1332 per YEAR, you are too rich for health insurance".​ And the Koch Brothers believe that we should get rid of the minimum wage! And remove the barriers to employment mobility. Yup, unlimited mobility for all immigration into America, and unlimited mobility for money to leave America. Don’t believe me? At 4m24s in this video, he shows a video direct from the Koch website!

He does explain that 1% starts at $34k per year for a household. Wow, I didn’t realize I was so RICH! So where does this put the $34B net worth of the Koch Brothers?!

Al Kutil

"The progress of a State is born in Temperance, Justice, and Providence."

This is what the Koch Brothers Believe!