Tim Snyder: History’s Lessons On Fighting Tyranny

This is what happens when we don’t learn from our history!

When acclaimed historian Timothy Snyder sat down to write his latest book, “On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century,” he did so intending to reach people who frightened by the specter of American totalitarianism. The election of Donald Trump made those fears timelier than ever.

Snyder joined us to discuss the lessons that today’s resistance can learn from the worst chapters in European history. Snyder’s smart and balanced take on creeping totalitarianism reminds us that the fight against tyranny is a fight for sanity.

Communism, American style? As the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution approaches, Sarah Jaffe discusses her illuminating New York Times op-ed on the legacy of the American Communist Party and its impact on civil rights and labor movements.

The press keeps getting it wrong on Social Security Disability Insurance. S.I. Rosenbaum exposes some of the assumptions and false information that get in the way of good reporting about Americans with disabilities. And scientist Joe Romm joins us to explain how the press threatens the future of our planet when it treats climate-change denialism as a legitimate viewpoint.

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Richard (RJ) Eskow

Tim Snyder: History’s Lessons On Fighting Tyranny