do you take prescription drugs?

Sorry for changing the subject on this, but there are no pictures included in this email. The subject above that I changed it to is much more accurate.

If you do take prescription drugs, then read the instructions below because doctors and their patients 99% of the time don’t know that they should be reporting any side effects to the FDA so the drugs can be monitored properly.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that the FDA has a watch list for prescription drugs. Unfortunately it is completely voluntary to report any side effects you might experience. First, you should be reading the side effects that come along with your drugs. Or at the very least writing down what the pharmacist tells you. You should also be telling your pharmacist any other prescriptions that you’re currently taking to make sure there isn’t any dangerous interactions. Vitamins should be mentioned to the pharmacist as well.

Ask your doctor do you report symptoms to the FDA website? If not, give them the website listed below. Once they know, this will help all of his patients. Public Health is everyone’s concern! You as a patient can also report symptoms you experience directly to the FDA.

Let’s hold our doctors and big Pharma accountable! 1% is not enough if we want to make our Healthcare System work better for us!

do you take prescription drugs?