This Nazi Medical Experiment Went Very Wrong

This is investigative journalism at its finest! Because it unravels the corruption between big Pharma and government on a worldwide basis, and especially US government.

Otto Warburg, a Jewish scientist in Nazi Germany, Escape certain death because he was conducting important research to find the cure for cancer which Hitler was extremely terrified of. His mother died of breast cancer, and he was desperate to find a cure for cancer. This saved warburg’s life. Warburg also received the Nobel Prize in 1931, and was nominated many times for discoveries that he found.

Unfortunately, the FDA is funded by big Pharma, and wants nothing more than to extract as much money as possible while many cures remains buried. Cancer and type 2 diabetes cures are mentioned in the book that this website references. This book also mentions that 80%, four out of five, are suffering from a vitamin K deficiency which can cause a number of ailments that are very painful to treat. Diseases like heart disease, hardening of the arteries, osteoporosis, and more are the results of a vitamin K deficiency.

But back in the day. Cows were finished on grass which means they had ample amounts of vitamin K. What I’m saying is this: big Pharma, in collusion with government, and strong-arm tactics of big Ag, are draining our Healthcare wallets, and our health, in order to satisfy their insatiable greed and fatten their own wallet.

This Nazi Medical Experiment Went Very Wrong