The Age of Deception by James Dale Davidson

My previous text didn’t give you much information, but the book mentioned above will teach you the history and future of the United States, how it will impact your generation, and your childrens’ generation even more. Once you get past chapter 16, you’ll see more info "connecting the dots" but also how to prepare for the future. I strongly recommend you check the library first and read the book for yourself.

Two recommendations: investing in mining companies, especially those involved in gold, silver, and to a lesser extent platinum and copper. Number 2, get a passport! Obama has passed laws that will make it near impossible to leave the country, much less getting your money out of the States.

The writing is on the wall, and started back in 1971 when Nixon took the US off the gold standard. All growth from that point forward was based on ever-increasing debt. But the result is debt so large that it would take the World GDP 150 years to pay off current US debt, much less our flat-line GDP of the US.

Sorry for the tone of the email. But once you read this book you’ll understand where the United States is heading. And also the protracted Depression that will affect the world economy for a long time to come. Until we retrace history, and get off our oil orgy, you will see the following:

  1. ​Product transported from overseas will be too expensive to buy. Current ships are lowering costs to ship by reducing speed to 10 knots. Eventually sailing ships will remove oil from this equation.
  2. What you eat will me much more locally grown. Your variety will be much reduced.
  3. Transportation companies will go bankrupt. ​
  4. Housing Trends: intensively solar, energy efficient, local materials harvested sustainably. Thin film solar will allow energy generation on the window. Tempered glass is cheaper to maintain than wood. Oil based paint will become more expensive, and low or no VOC paints will become much more common.
  5. Speaking of local, you’ll see a resurgence in alternative housing concepts: straw bale, cob, earthbag, and underground homes will become more common.
  6. Current state and federal government expenses like Social Security, warfare, medicare, healthcare, and education will contract. Anything that does not bring good Return On Investment (ROI) will be impacted as well.
  7. Quantitative Easing (QE) has proven to be a dramatic failure. It only distributes the pain globally. For those countries such as BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) or PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain) are highly leveraged economies. These countries, as well as US, are already experiencing hyperinflation. It is impossible to get out of inflation by raising interest rates. The standard of living will decline dramatically. My guess it will take close to 50 years before the world economy will develop something akin to the gold standard. Possibly something like bitcoin.

​All of this is my interpretation of what I’ve read so far; I’ve completed chapter 18 of 27. I hope this helps you plan for the future. Please keep the communication channels open as I learn more about what decisions need to made to ensure a better quality of life. If you have questions, please send a text of the best time to call so we can talk.

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The Age of Deception by James Dale Davidson