Michael Maloney The Current Literacy Crisis – YouTube

The Current Literacy Crisis

Depending on how you feel about being a parent, you probably want your child(ren) to be well educated, right? Unfortunately, far too many children cannot read, and are finding it difficult to apply because they cannot read at their grade level. This also includes:

  • 4th Graders
  • High School Seniors, and
  • College graduates

The problem with Math is even worse.

But there is something you can do. At a minimum you could choose to volunteer and help Primary School Students to read better, and tutor them in math also. But if you go the extra mile, and look for a Proven Curriculum, you might consider finding out more by watching the Youtube video link above. Near the end of this video, it also mentions a special program called the Maloney Method. I’ve included a link below…lets tackle our educational deficit head-on. Learn what this program is all about, and change a child’s future!

Uploaded on Apr 15, 2016

We have had a proven solution to the current literacy crisis for over 40 years. What are the barriers to helping change the system and helping change the lives of students for the better?

Sign up at http://www.maloneymethod.com to be a part of the solution.

Michael Maloney The Current Literacy Crisis – YouTube